Coming to Music on the Square? Here are the FAQS

updated for 2019

Summer in Redwood City brings a wealth of excitement and there is no shortage of fun! With so many events happening downtown, we understand you may have questions! Here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that will help you plan your visit downtown and optimize your experience!

What is your seating policy? When can I set up?

Attendees for Music on the Square may not set up tables/chairs prior to 3:00PM. Music on the Square has become a favorite event on the Peninsula. It takes quite a bit of time for our staff to set-up for each concert, early arrivals only add to the time it takes to set-up as not all walkways, seating areas, and other necessary items needed for the production of a safe and successful concert are in place.

What sort of public transportation is available?

There are several bus lines and Caltrain that stop within blocks of Courthouse Square. Links to those websites can be found here.

Where is the best place to park?

Click here for more information on parking.

Is there anything to do downtown after concerts end at 8:00PM?

Yes! Yes! Yes! There are a number of great bars and restaurants, music venues, movie theaters, as well as hotels & inns within the city limits of Redwood City. Please visit the City of Redwood City website for more info.

Are there restrooms?

Restrooms with hand-washing facilities are available on the Hamilton Side of the Courthouse.

Are there trash and recycling bins?

Portable recycling & trash receptacles are provided surrounding the Square for your convenience. However, in an effort to minimize the burden on the Parks Department clean-up crew, it is highly recommended that you carry away any waste you produce and deposit it in your home recycling containers.

Is there a fee for the events?

Most of our events are FREE! Anyone can come and watch the music, movies and attend most festivals for free. The only fee-based events are the Zoppe Italian Family Circus and Oktoberfest.

Can I smoke on the Square?

Sorry. There is no smoking allowed at Courthouse Square. (ordinance 33A.39.I)

Can I bring alcohol to the Square? (No Glass)

Beer and Wine are okay to bring during most City Run Events on the Square. Please make sure that all beverages are in plastic cups or cans. Glass bottled beverages are NOT allowed at events. This policy will be enforced. 

Can I bring food and/or drinks to Courthouse Square? (No Glass)

Yes, food and drink are allowed. In addition, there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance for you to enjoy a great meal before or after a show, or get take-out from during the events. Click here for the Downtown Dining Guide.

Are dogs allowed at the concerts?

Pets are not recommended. We would like for you to think twice about bringing your pet to our Summer Concert Series. It is very crowded and most dogs are likely to become agitated and scared by the enormity of the crowd and the volume of the music. Your beloved pet might be happier at home.

What items are prohibited?

The following are prohibited by the City of Redwood City: Tents, umbrellas, grills, portable generators, items that disrupt the concert. Tape or any other material, or hanging or posting anything on trees, plants or light posts.

Can I bring an Umbrella?

Please no umbrellas, they block the view of others.
We appreciate your compliance with our rules. To view them online, visit our event site here. Have more questions? Let us know in the comments!

About Music on the Square

Music on the Square runs May 31-August 30, 2019 from 6:00-8:00 pm on Courthouse Square, located at 2200 Broadway in Downtown Redwood City (Map). The concerts couldn’t happen without the support of our generous sponsors.

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4 thoughts on “Coming to Music on the Square? Here are the FAQS

  1. What about our seniors that need closer parking and our handicap persons that cant walk the few blocks.Can someone come with a solution to this problem? Maybe we can have golf carts pick us up from so called close parking lots for a small fee.A few blocks to a senior or a handicap person is like walking a mile.

  2. Hi there, a senior shuttle was operated for 2 years as a special project by the Senior Center but had none, if any, ridership and was discontinued. The events are only funded by sponsorships and adding connective transportation is just not feasible at this time. There is handicap parking near the square, but it is first come first serve and we are aware it can fill up quickly.

  3. Hi! All of our events are BYOC- bring your own chair. There are many hundreds or thousands of people who attend the events. We used to have 100 chairs on the square, but it actually added issues as folks would fight over them. Some even were stolen. Thanks for your question!

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