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RWC_Summer2019_frontcover500xOur new Summer Activity Guides were mailed last week and registration opened for residents on March 12th! We are extremely excited to again be bringing you a whopping 50 pages of summer camps and activities this year! While we love giving you an incredible amount of options, we also realize that this is a lot to sift through. Many of us here are fellow parents, and we get it, planning can be overwhelming. So to help alleviate the stress of the summer camp scavenger hunt, we’ve created some cheat sheets. This is where we fist bump.

Below you will find links to a few of the valuable planning tools that we hope will provide some guidance and quick reference for you.

camp-calendarCamp Calendar

This 3-page document shows all activities happening each week, plus references the page numbers they can be found on in the Activity Guide.

2019 Camp Calendar


Please keep in mind that we have many other wonderful camps that are not listed in either of these documents below due to their start and end times not aligning with Bridge Care or what we feel constitutes a full day. 


Bridge Care Cheat Sheet

Use this guide to see which morning and afternoon camps can be paired up each week to create a customized full day camp experience for your child. We only offer Bridge Care for 8 weeks each summer so check camp descriptions carefully as some of our other providers offer options to stay for lunch in between camps on off weeks as well as host their own aftercare (this especially applies to you, Sandpiper parents!). All camps listed here qualify for Pre & After Care as well! Learn more about Bridge care here.

2019 Bridge Care Cheat Sheet

Full Day Camp- imageFull Day Camps At-A-Glance

Download this guide to help you figure out which programs run all-day and which of them are attached to pre-care and after-care. This document is more comprehensive than the Bridge Care one and shows correlating page numbers, ages, and class codes to make registration a breeze!

Full Day Camp Cheat Sheet


We hope you will enjoy these tools and that you will find the perfect camp experience!

You can find all of these documents on our website as well at!

And, don’t stress. We’ve got your back! Feel free to contact our staff directly for suggestions, questions, or maybe just a little moral support.


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