Redwood City’s Magical Bridge Playground in Red Morton Park will open on
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

We are excited to share that the much anticipated Magical Bridge Playground in Redwood City’s Red Morton Park will open to the public on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 11:00 am!

In partnership with Magical Bridge Foundation, our team has been hard at work not only getting the playground ready for the public to enjoy, but designing protocol that allows this popular attraction to open safely under the guidelines set forth by the County and State due to COVID-19.

We take the safety of our community very seriously and have put a lot of care and thought into how to responsibly open our beloved playground. Due to the excitement surrounding the opening of this particular site, we are implementing rules and guidelines that will be specific to the Magical Bridge Playground, like the addition of operating hours and the providing of staff and volunteers to support keeping the community safe while they play.

Starting December 2, Magical Bridge Playground in Red Morton Park will be open to the public 7 days a week, from 9:00 AM to dusk, unless otherwise noted. On opening day, the playground will open at 11am and close at dusk.


Protocol subject to change.

We understand that these are uncertain times. We are doing our best to provide safety guidelines that will allow us to open Magical Bridge, but ultimately it takes a village. We ask for patience and kindness while we navigate the evolution of this space because after all, it’s our first pandemic too.

This is a playground built on the premise of kindness. Please be kind and respectful to city staff, volunteers aka Kindness Ambassadors, and all who visit our magical space.

Entry will be limited to the two lower gates: North Entrance (Veterans Memorial Senior Center side) and South Entrance (Valota Rd. Parking Lot).

Capacity is limited to 75 visitors on the playground. Once the playground reaches capacity, socially distant lines will form outside the two lower gates with markings 6 feet apart to keep you safe while you wait. Our Magical Bridge Team will monitor capacity and make sure that social distancing protocol is maintained while in line.

Just like our other playgrounds, visits are limited to 30 minutes per group while others are waiting. Please be prepared that a Kindness Ambassador/staff person may ask you to leave the playground if max capacity is reached and there is a line. Please exercise kindness and support these safety guidelines, which follow strict State regulations.

Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before entering and as often as possible while playing. Hand washing stations are available onsite, and the restroom will also be open.

We encourage you to “bring your own wipes” and to self-clean any high-touch surfaces before using. Staff will not be cleaning the playground throughout the day.

While as a whole, face masks will be required of every individual entering the playground age 2 and up, we also understand that not everyone can wear a mask. For those who are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, our staff will provide a sticker for them to wear. If you see someone wearing a sticker, please be kind, understanding and practice social distancing.

Please maintain 6 ft. distance between households/pods while playing and while waiting in line for any playground amenity.

Food and beverages are not allowed inside the Magical Bridge Playground. In addition, cardboard boxes (which we know are very popular on the slide mound) and personal toys are not allowed in the playground at this time.

Thank you in advance for your attention to these protocols which are in place to protect the safety of the whole community. Your actions affect the health and safety of everyone and will help to keep our playground open and magical.Kindness Ambassador

Become a Kindness Ambassador!

There is no better volunteer job to put on your resume than this!

Thanks to our partnership with the Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation, we will have a group of volunteers to help us open Magical Bridge, also known as Kindness Ambassadors, who will help keep the playground safe and magical for all who visit.

As a Kindness Ambassador, your goal is to create a fun and inclusive space where visitors of all ages and abilities feel welcome.

At this time, we are only accepting applications for Kindness Ambassadors ages 18 and up. You must be able to dedicate a minimum of 4 hours a month for at least 6 months (shifts are 2 hours long). Kindness Ambassadors will help safely open the playground and help lead family-friendly events and activities, once we are safely able to do so.

Kindly click here to apply!


More information about how to play safely on our Redwood City playgrounds can be found here.

Visit our park and facility FAQ page for up-to-date information on closures and guidelines, here.

Here are the CDC’s safety guidelines for visiting parks and recreational facilities.

Lastly, here are the California Department of Public Health requirements for playground safety.

Please play safe! We are all in this together.

Mad Hatter Virtual Wonderland

Hear ye, Hear ye, families! We are so sad that we are unable to host our Mad Hatter Spring Party on April 25, so we are bringing our wonderland to the world wide web!

Your family is cordially invited to create your very own Wonderland celebrations at your home and at your leisure! Below are a few fun activities you can easily do with your family with limited supplies!

Here is a recommended schedule for you to play along!

  • Wednesday, 4/22 Make it! Craft- Spring Hats
  • Thursday 4/23 Move it! Mad Hatter Fitness Card Game
  • Friday 4/24 Make It! Foil Hearts – Create & Display
  • Saturday 4/25 Find It! Family Hats & Foil Hearts Walk

We will start posting project tutorials and game instructions tomorrow!

The event will close with a walk on Saturday, April 25 at any time of the day, where we encourage you to take a family walk in your neighborhood. See if you find any hearts on your walk around your block. Be festive and wear your Mad Hatter hats!

Please practice physical and social distancing at all times and abide by all current San Mateo County Health Department orders.

Be sure to share your photos with us on our social media channels!

Tag us at #RWCMadHatter 

Parents, don’t stress. We got you.

The Summer 2020 Activity Guide was mailed over the weekend and registration opens for residents, tomorrow, March 10! And don’t worry, you can do it safely from your own home, online!


There are 50 pages of camp activities waiting for you, and while we love giving you an incredible amount of options, we also realize that this is a lot to sift through. Many of us here are fellow parents, and we get it, planning can be overwhelming. So, we have dissected the guide to help alleviate the stress of the summer camp scavenger hunt, and have once again, created some cheat sheets. This is where we *fist bump!*

Below you will find links to our valuable planning tools that we hope will provide some guidance and quick reference for you.

Camp Calendar

This 3-page document shows all activities happening each week, plus references the page numbers they can be found on in the Activity Guide.

2020 Camp Calendar

Bridge Care Cheat Sheet

Use this guide to see which morning and afternoon camps can be paired up each week to create a customized full-day camp experience for your child. We only offer Bridge Care for 8 weeks each summer so check camp descriptions carefully as some of our other providers offer options to stay for lunch in between camps on off weeks as well as host their own aftercare (this especially applies to you, Sandpiper parents!). All camps listed here qualify for Pre & After Care as well! Learn more about Bridge Care here.

2020 Bridge Care Cheat Sheet

Coming to Music on the Square? Here are the FAQS

updated for 2019

Summer in Redwood City brings a wealth of excitement and there is no shortage of fun! With so many events happening downtown, we understand you may have questions! Here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that will help you plan your visit downtown and optimize your experience!

What is your seating policy? When can I set up?

Attendees for Music on the Square may not set up tables/chairs prior to 3:00PM. Music on the Square has become a favorite event on the Peninsula. It takes quite a bit of time for our staff to set-up for each concert, early arrivals only add to the time it takes to set-up as not all walkways, seating areas, and other necessary items needed for the production of a safe and successful concert are in place.

What sort of public transportation is available?

There are several bus lines and Caltrain that stop within blocks of Courthouse Square. Links to those websites can be found here.

Where is the best place to park?

Click here for more information on parking.

Is there anything to do downtown after concerts end at 8:00PM?

Yes! Yes! Yes! There are a number of great bars and restaurants, music venues, movie theaters, as well as hotels & inns within the city limits of Redwood City. Please visit the City of Redwood City website for more info.

Are there restrooms?

Restrooms with hand-washing facilities are available on the Hamilton Side of the Courthouse.

Are there trash and recycling bins?

Portable recycling & trash receptacles are provided surrounding the Square for your convenience. However, in an effort to minimize the burden on the Parks Department clean-up crew, it is highly recommended that you carry away any waste you produce and deposit it in your home recycling containers.

Is there a fee for the events?

Most of our events are FREE! Anyone can come and watch the music, movies and attend most festivals for free. The only fee-based events are the Zoppe Italian Family Circus and Oktoberfest.

Can I smoke on the Square?

Sorry. There is no smoking allowed at Courthouse Square. (ordinance 33A.39.I)

Can I bring alcohol to the Square? (No Glass)

Beer and Wine are okay to bring during most City Run Events on the Square. Please make sure that all beverages are in plastic cups or cans. Glass bottled beverages are NOT allowed at events. This policy will be enforced. 

Can I bring food and/or drinks to Courthouse Square? (No Glass)

Yes, food and drink are allowed. In addition, there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance for you to enjoy a great meal before or after a show, or get take-out from during the events. Click here for the Downtown Dining Guide.

Are dogs allowed at the concerts?

Pets are not recommended. We would like for you to think twice about bringing your pet to our Summer Concert Series. It is very crowded and most dogs are likely to become agitated and scared by the enormity of the crowd and the volume of the music. Your beloved pet might be happier at home.

What items are prohibited?

The following are prohibited by the City of Redwood City: Tents, umbrellas, grills, portable generators, items that disrupt the concert. Tape or any other material, or hanging or posting anything on trees, plants or light posts.

Can I bring an Umbrella?

Please no umbrellas, they block the view of others.
We appreciate your compliance with our rules. To view them online, visit our event site here. Have more questions? Let us know in the comments!

About Music on the Square

Music on the Square runs May 31-August 30, 2019 from 6:00-8:00 pm on Courthouse Square, located at 2200 Broadway in Downtown Redwood City (Map). The concerts couldn’t happen without the support of our generous sponsors.

To keep up with all of the wonderful FREE events happening in Redwood City, visit our websitesubscribe to our weekly event news, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! #rwcevents

What’s in an Age? Dissecting the Science of Camp Age Requirements.

Camp Organizers have a tough job. They are trying to coordinate activities that can keep children of wide age ranges, backgrounds, maturity levels and attention spans engaged for the day. Coming up with curriculum can be a challenge, and even more so, there’s the daunting task of firming up the appropriate age groups to allow campers the ability to thrive in their camp environment. They have done their best to design parameters for their programs with the hope that all will be harmonious once camp starts.

burnoutNow, fast forward to Springtime Wintertime, when parents are desperately trying to find interesting and fun camp activities for their kids, as well as organize the logistics of pick-ups, drop-offs, maybe a vacation, and let’s be honest, keep their sanity. We realize that multiple children come with multiple logistics. Then, once you think have it figured out, there is nothing worse than sitting down and thumbing through your favorite activity guide, only to find the perfect camp (you think) and have your child be just shy of the minimum age requirement.

What happens next? You ask WHY? Why, Why WHY? You feel your child is fully capable of launching a rocket, playing golf or has a real proficiency building (or deconstructing) the top 14 most difficult LEGO™ sets of late. You pick up the phone to voice your concerns. Some common parent comments are: My child is very mature for his ageHe loves older kidsI need a longer day for them, Can’t you just add her in there?  Yes, we are camp providers, but many of us are also parents. We feel your pain. We hear your words. We understand your needs (is this helping?), but we have guidelines for a reason.

Here’s some perspective. Let’s say you have a 10 year old who is very excited to come to science camp this summer. The chosen week listed is for children ages 5-12. Let ‘s also throw in the variable that the registration ages of who actually enrolls will vary. We could have three 11 year olds, ten 9 year olds, a couple of 6 year olds and then someone has requested their 4-year old join in. From the older child’s perspective, the camp may feel like it is going too slowly since they are waiting for the youngest child to finish the project. The older child may also be needing assistance but the younger child requires far more attention than the staff ratios can bear. Now the camp is revolving around making sure the little one is having their needs met as opposed to the general group. From our 4 year old’s perspective, it may be hard to build relationships with their peers, have fun during free time, keep the pace, or they may just be intimidated by the sheer size and energy of an older group of children.

AdobeStock_89941621-495x400Minimum and maximum age requirements are set by our camp providers after years of experience and evaluation of curriculum for their camps. Sometimes overrides are allowed, but many times, those overrides end in the child not staying for the entire session. This could be based on reasons of their own, or by the needs of the camp and the ratios that just won’t support the requirements of someone younger. Now, we bet your next response is, “What about children with different learning styles, energy or focus?” Our short answer to you is that by limiting the age range, providers have a smaller sample to work with. It’s camp. It’s not school, but there are still expectations of listening and attentiveness for not only learning, but safety, cohesiveness, and social interaction.

Another reason why some providers won’t bend their requirements is based on maturity and skill level. Children not of the minimum age value may not have the gross motor skills or strength to be able to support the equipment provided for the camp. They may not have the fine motor skills to build or take apart their creation without excessive assistance. They may lack the experience and stamina of a classroom setting that makes it very difficult for them to focus on a topic for a longer period of time than they are used to.

019_19At the end of the day, camp is supposed to be fun! Kids can learn and grow, make new friends, surround themselves with new experiences, and build memories to last a lifetime. Camps are designed with your child in mind. Providers want to create the most predictable atmosphere to best deliver their curriculum as well as to build a positive and supportive peer environment. By selecting age ranges that best allow them to do this, it is the easiest way to control the population of their camp and create harmony.

We know every child is different, but we need to hold to some standards in order to ensure a smooth ride.  We know there are exceptionally talented kids in our midst as well as athletically gifted children than can outrun, outplay and outlast a child twice their size. We are serving the masses. We need to have some sort of benchmark to organize these activities or we would be holding interviews and auditions for campers to give them preferred placement.

We hope we have shed some light on the camp provider perspective. Before choosing to ask for special allowances, make sure that you take all aspects of your child’s Summer happiness into consideration.

That being said… CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!!!