Week Two: Keeping a Playground Magical Takes a Village

There is nothing better than designing an amazing place that brings joy and happiness to all who enter. It has really been awesome watching the energy and excitement surrounding Magical Bridge Playground. In order to keep things positive, we feel it is important to continue sharing and educating the community so we can all keep Magical Bridge Playground as enjoyable as possible, as well as keep it open. Here’s what we mean by the latter…

You may have noticed that upon issuing the Regional Stay-at-Home Order in our five surrounding counties, playgrounds and recreational amenities were included in the closures. Shortly after, that piece of the order was reversed and playgrounds, skate parks, and other recreational outdoor amenities have been cleared to stay open, with proper masking, social distancing, and gathering rules strictly abided by. During COVID-19, playgrounds and recreational amenities have proven to be essential. We have always known how vital these spaces are for the community and we are thankful that we can offer families some reprieve from their homes. But again, this comes with a responsibility attached. We are doing everything we can, but we all must do our part to keep each other safe. 


Since opening, we have been struggling a bit. We have come up with rules and guidelines to help keep our visitors safe and our playground free from harm, but it hasn’t been enough. Here is what we are experiencing as well as additional information about some of our posted rules that may need more explanation.

No bikes or skateboards are allowed in Magical Bridge Playground, ever. 

Magical Bridge Playground is designed for bodies of all ages and abilities, and for some, it is the ONLY place where many members of our community are able to play. Skaters and bikers, we already built you a park. It’s open, roll there. We have had many issues, from construction until now, with folks trespassing onto the playground and treating it poorly. Bikes and skateboards are extremely damaging to the surfaces and structures. These damages have caused delays in our opening, they will cause us to have to close while we repair damages, and it will cost the city a lot of money each time. We are having to pour a large number of resources into protecting this precious and important playground. It’s just not okay. We want you to have incredible family spaces. 

Here is what we have done so far

Hired outside security companies to watch during the latter part of construction.

Increased police presence during closed times at the Playground.

Parks and Recreation Staff have been deployed after hours to stand watch.

Here is what we are working on

While we are recruiting for our Kindness Ambassador Volunteer Program, we are now creating another opportunity for volunteers to assist with monitoring the playground after hours. Stay tuned.

Providing outreach directly to Red Morton Park skaters and bikers and educating them on the negative impact this has.

Installing security cameras and motion sensors.

Adding skate deterrents to playground concrete seating areas. 

Here’s how you can help

Talk to your kids. Educate them about the purpose of the playground and how fortunate we are to have it. Maybe your child or young adult can share this information with others whom they feel might benefit.  🙂

If you observe trespassers in the playground after we close at 5 p.m., we encourage you to report them to the Police Department. Please call 911.

Trespassing in General

Currently, we are open seven days a week from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. The playground is not lit for evening play and we close when it gets dark. Please do not hop fences. Even though it’s a playground, it’s still trespassing. Also, this does not send a great message to your kids or to other children in the park whose families are compliant. Thanks for your help with this.

Tot Zone Water Play Area

Water play is tons of fun and we love our new Tot Zone water sensory feature! We are also in love with the beautiful redwood grove that borders it. Unfortunately, the tree droppings are making their way over to our water table. Please tell your children to keep the leaves and dirt out of the water basin. We have been spending extra time cleaning this out and it will eventually get clogged and we’ll have to close it down for repairs.

Climbing the Playhouse

We know that kids love to climb. We also are fully aware that children play creatively, coming up with new and exciting ways to enjoy our equipment. While we are supportive of this concept, there are times when this isn’t a great idea. We have tons of climbing opportunities in the playground, but unfortunately, the outside of the Playhouse is not one of them. Thank you for helping us to enforce this with your monkeys. Speaking of monkeys, head over to the “King Kong” climbing ropes on the highest point of the Slide Mound. They are fun, and pro-tip for parents…tiring. You’re welcome.

Bare Feet

Calling all Earthers! We know how joyous feeling the earth under your feet can be, and we have acres of park space next to the playground for you to experience the warmth and texture of our great planet. But just like visiting an amusement park, children’s play attraction, or even coming to day camp, we ask that for your child’s safety, they wear proper footwear and shoes remain ON. We’d hate for you to stub or cut a toe.

Coffee & Gum

Lastly, we mentioned this one in last week’s blog post. We are very aware that coffee can be a crucial part of the morning park parenting experience. Unfortunately, we are finding spills around the playground that are tough to clean up. Please try to finish your coffee prior to arriving. Remember, Magical Bridge Playground was designed for everybody. You can play too! By finishing your coffee before visiting, you will be primed and have all the energy you will need to run up the slide mound. Plus, it allows you to keep your mask on while you watch the little ones play!

Gum is self-explanatory. Please keep it out of the playground and off of our Sports Field Turf. 

Thank you in advance.

We hope that by sharing this information with you we have given you a greater understanding of the challenges we are facing, how we are addressing them, and how you can do your part as a good steward of the community! We know some of these rules may seem atypical for a playground, but Magical Bridge is not typical. 

Magical Bridge Playground is a gift, and we are doing everything in our power to make sure it stays magical. Thank you for your kindness, support, and compliance. 


For more info on Magical Bridge Playground visit our website, here.

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More information about how to play safely on our Redwood City playgrounds can be found here.

Here are the CDC’s safety guidelines for visiting parks and recreational facilities.

Lastly, here are the California Department of Public Health requirements for playground safety.

Please play safely! We are all in this together.