A Camp A Day – The Countdown Starts TODAY!


Summer. Is. Coming.

Our staff has been working non-stop to get parents our summer 2014 schedule. We are so very close to releasing it, but in the meantime, we thought we would highlight one of our MANY camps each day until registration begins on March 12!

Today, we thought we would start with a few basic housekeeping items.

      1. rwc_front_cover150xWe will post the Activity Guide online for you to see prior to it actually being mailed. THE FIRST RULE ABOUT THE ONLINE ACTIVITY GUIDE IS, YOU MAY NOT SEND IN A REGISTRATION FORM PRIOR TO IT HITTING THE POST OFFICE.
      2. Did you know we have a Camp Website? We are not up and running yet, but the URL is so easy to remember… ready? It’s RedwoodCityCamps.org. Seriously, don’t go there yet. It’s not up. You will be disappointed.
      3. 10 PERCENTWe have a special early sign-up incentive coming your way this season!  We are rewarding our early registrants with a 10% discount on some of your children’s favorite recreation camps, including: Polliwog, Mountaineers, Explorers, Kaboom, Whatchamacallit, Summer Adventures and High-5! You will automatically receive this deduction when you register in person, by mail or by fax, as well as online by entering the code “SUMMER10” after you place each week of these camps into your shopping cart! We chose an early bird deadline of April 15th. We thought for a variety of reasons, it should be easy to remember. *wink*
      4. BRIDGE CAREWe will be offering something NEW this year, called “Bridge Care.” Bridge Care is a program that helps to link-up morning and afternoon sessions of select camps in order to create a full day opportunity for kids that want to try a couple of different camps each week. Want to take a Sports camp in the morning and a Tech camp in the afternoon? Maybe your child would like to do a Science Camp first and then take a Lego Camp later. Whatever the combination, we have options. Our staff will pick your child up from their morning camp and then walk them to the Community Activities Building for lunch from 12:00-1:00 pm. After lunch, we will escort them to their afternoon camp. We have specifically flagged a handful of camps that are in a reasonable walking distance to our lunchtime destination. We apologize that we could not accommodate all of our camps this year for this pilot program.

That’s it! Please come back and visit our blog daily, or better yet, subscribe! You can also catch us on Facebook and Twitter. We will be leaking a new tidbit every day. I am hoping to get you the coveted “Camp Calendar” tomorrow… stay tuned!