Pinterest Gone Wild!

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Preschool Teacher Edna and Staff are crazy about crafts. Preschool projects have become even more creative and awesome since the introduction of Pinterest, the social online tool for collecting and organizing your items of interest. Staff perused the pages of Pinterest only to find this incredibly innovative use for plastic milk jugs! With the help of a local Peet’s Coffee, they were able to commandeer the 400 or so jugs needed to create this project, while alleviating the coffee shop of some major recycling.

Armed with milk jugs, hot glue guns and plenty of kidpower, our crew went to work on constructing the igloo. The staff handled the hot glue guns and the children helped to wash and deliver jugs, screw on tops and place jugs, all while learning a little bit about construction, physics and math.

Check out their awesome upcycled playhouse!

Click here for instructions to make one of your own.

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