Polliwogers Moving to the Beat!

Polliwog rafts
Polliwog Fun

While many of you have been stuck at the office, our preschool-aged Polliwogers have been hard at work enjoying the sun! Well, except for Monday and Tuesday when we had an abnormal weather pattern which sent our campers to Red Morton Center. But rest assured, our staff made the BEST of it, and on Wednesday, they resumed at Stulsaft Park!

This week, Camp Polliwog‘s  “Moving to the Beat” theme resulted in many COOL musical instruments during craft time. Today they flexed their creative muscles by crafting awesome banjos out of granola bar boxes, paint sticks, rubber bands and decorated them. Here’s a link if you want to make a similar type of banjo with your kids at home. http://craftsforkidsblog.com/2013/04/tutorial-shoe-box-banjo/. They also created tamborines, maracas, rainsticks and domoroo drums!

Our camp activities revolve around a theme each week. This week’s activities included storytimes, games, musical obstacle courses, exploring hands-on musical instruments, freeze dance, and a lot of camp-song-singing!  Also, on Fridays we play in the creek – which is a highlight of the week.

Next week’s theme is All Stars (7/1-7/5, no 7/4)  There are still a few open spots for this popular camp (that is primarily full). Register your child here online, today!

Happy Summer!

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