Meet Mr. “Cesar” Salad


When we needed a new Director for Camp Whatchamacallit, the choice was clear. Camp Whatchamacallit is our Full Day Camp in Redwood Shores that it is chock-full of activities, field trips, swimming, sports, crafts and plenty of fun! The Commander-in-Chief of this Shores Crew needed to be someone who had a ton of experience, could manage kids of all ages, motivate staff, and well…just keep up with the get-up-and-go that a Full Day Camp requires. This particular Camp Director gives 100% all day long and maintains an amazingly consistent equilibrium of enthusiasm from 8:30am-5pm. ALL. SUMMER. LONG. Meet Cesar Zuniga!

Meet Cesar Zuniga! Q & A

cesarCamp Nick Name: Caesar Salad
Director of Camp Whatchamacallit at Sandpiper Community Center

  1. How long have you been working for the City? Current Job?
    Wow, it’s been almost 14  great years now. I started in high school as a program leader and they’ve been stuck with me ever since. I am currently the After School Program Coordinator at John Gill Elementary School
  2. How many years have you worked Camp Whatchamacalit?
    I have been fortunate enough to have been part of many camps and they have all been great. This is my 4th year with Camp Whatchamcallit.
  3. What do you love best about working at Camp Whatchamacallit?
    That’s simple, it’s the kids! There is wonderful community that surrounds and participates in our camp and it shows with every fun summer that I am there.
  4. Your favorite Camp Memory from Camp Whatchamacallit?
    Unfortunately, I was never able to participate in Redwood City camps as a child, so it’s like being a  kid and doing it for the first time. There are so many great memories… how to pick… A couple of years ago a child was very nervous to go on their first “big” ride at Great America.  After a few minutes of getting pumped up, he went on it. Tears and screams!!!! Made for GREAT in-the-air action pictures. He’s 14 or 15 years old now and still comes back every Summer to see us and reminisce about that “life changing” experience.

    I also still have a stuffed otter a camper gave me one summer after I said it was my favorite animal. His name is “Odie.”
  5. Camp Nick Name
    “Caesar Salad” is not the most imaginative name, but it started 10 years ago at Day Camp and has kept on going and going and going…
  6. Favorite Camp Song
    “Wrist a Shaw” by far!!!! But I am also really into, “I’m a Musician”  lately. HA!
  7.  Fun Fact
    I’m 6’1 HA! Just kidding.  I’m proud to say I’m good at old Disney cartoon movie trivia and Disney music trivia!
  8. College degree: San Diego State (beach in December!!!) majored in Sociology.
  9. Extra Credit: Did you grow up in Redwood City?
    Born, raised and proud! Roosevelt Raccoon, Kennedy Cougar and Sequoia Cherokee.

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