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SYC Dancers

Kids are always excited about the SYC (Sandpiper Youth Club) end of the year talent show. They usually start asking to show staff their routines six months in advance! Unfortunately, one of our beloved girls, Jamie, got some unexpected news that she would be moving back to Indiana in less than a month! Jamie had performed in the talent show for the past two years and was really looking forward to this year’s production. You could only imagine the disappointment she felt to hear that she was moving away and the TALENT SHOW would not be in her future.

First, she asked staff if they could change the date of the show. Our Staff mulled over this option, but settled on another idea. Instead of moving the entire show, they decided to make it a little more special for Jamie and actually have a special performance for her and her friends! Jamie recruited a group of kids and asked Miguel – our resident breakdancer/amazing team member- if he could help choreograph a dance routine to the song Thriller, and of course, he agreed. For three weeks the girls practiced with Miguel and on Jamie’s last day at SYC, they performed their awesome routine!


P.S. It took Jamie about 45 minutes to finally leave…crying crying and more crying. Her mom was sobbing and of course, so was our SYC Coordinator. Jamie’s Mom told us were weren’t just an afterschool program, we’re a family 🙂

By the way, if you think this program sounds awesome, and you have children at Sandpiper Elementary School, registration begins TODAY for the Fall 2012 session! We also have a Kindergarten program called K-Play that will now be available 5 days a week!

Check out the program information here:

Oh… and if you need more dancing, check out this fantastic video – straight from SYC, of course.


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