ChatterBlock Shines a Spotlight on Redwood City!

Several months ago or so, I had a meeting with an excited group of Canadians who were looking to launch their new social media website on the Peninsula, geared towards parents. They started in Victoria, British Columbia and then decided that this would be the next great place to spawn their next locale. If you haven’t heard of ChatterBlock yet, check it out! It is looking to become a great resource for Parents in our region to access Activities and Events for Children on the Peninsula. I could spend a ton of time telling you about it, but it’s probably easier for you to just visit and check it out yourself!

They recently asked if they could shine a spotlight on our Department, and in 2.2 seconds I responded with an enthusiastic YES! Thank you ChatterBlock for becoming a new partner of ours. We LOVE the extra promotion and resources you are providing us and our neighboring Communities!

Read their Blog Post HERE!

2 thoughts on “ChatterBlock Shines a Spotlight on Redwood City!

  1. Thank you Redwood City for sharing this post about ChatterBlock.

    We just recently launched to SF Peninsula, San Francisco, and South Bay. Its a good start, but we’ll be addling lots more great local family-friendly content very soon.

    Also, click here for our SF Peninsula Summer Camps guide: and soon we’ll be offering a summer adventures guide too.

    Big thanks everyone.

    Cordially, James, Randy, and Team

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