Fish Catch! Game on!

This week, we are focusing on playing some new games that you can make yourself, AT HOME! It’s a craft AND a game! Also, this one you can play on your own, challenge a sibling, or even a friend online to see how many catches you can do in a row! All you need is a few simple supplies, patience, and practice to catch that fish!



  • 1 Plastic water, soda, or drink container.
  • Permanent markers
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • 1 Cork (If you don’t have 1 cork you can use a piece of paper made into a ball)
  • String



Cut your bottle in 1/2 using the scissors. Ask an adult if you need help on this part.



Using your markers, color a design on your bottle and on your cork.

Step 3:

Put some of the string inside the water container and have some sticking out. Twist the cap on to keep the string inside. Tape the cork onto the end of the string.

Step 4:

You are ready to play!

Hold the cap area of the bottle and try to “catch the fish.” This will take some patience and practice on your part. You can do it! It can be easier if your string is shorter, and more challenging if your string is longer.

How many catches in a row did you get?