May the Fourth be with You All Summer

Star Wars is not going away any time soon. Thankful, yes, we are. Our department embraces all people, wookies, parks, planets, droids, etc. We are also blindingly aware that many of your children are Star Wars obsessed (and okay, as are many of us parents). Today may be a relatively newly created holiday akin to National Grilled Cheese Day and Clean Up Your Room Day (May 10th, parents, it’s real), but we wanted to you to know that we celebrate Star Wars all year long and summer is no exception! Here is a short list of a few summer camps that can keep your child’s summer Star Wars mojo in full force.

maythe4thJedi Engineering with LEGO®
July 11-15th
Red Morton Community Center
Taught by the building experts at Play-well Teknologies
This is really the perfect storm. LEGO® and Star Wars, together in one place! If you were 7 years old, you might be shaking with excitement at the thought! The FORCE is definitely strong in both of these activities, and whether you are a young Padawan or a Jedi Master, we have a camp to fit your child’s engineering needs. Click the links below for more info and to register.

Jedi Engineering Using LEGO®
Age 5-6 years
9:00am – 12:00pm

Jedi Master Engineering Using LEGO®
Age 7-12 years
1:00 – 4:00pm

(We have bridge care & after care too if you need a longer day of childcare.)

Star Wars Lightsaber Camp!
July 5-8, July 25-29, and August 8-12

Taught by Jedi Trainers at Peninsula Fencing Academy
Yes! Kids will get to hone their lightsaber skills in a controlled environment that does NOT entail whacking your antique vase off of your living room end table. This camp is full of *safe* battles, obstacle courses, and more! Jedi training utilizes balance, speed, athleticism, and vision. This camp guarantees to harness the force and provide an epic summer experience for trainees ages 6-12 years of age.

Click the video below to see it in action!


Enjoy the 4th, everyone! And note, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, National Hoagie Day and National Oyster Day. Personally, I am looking forward to May 10th.

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