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Camp High 5 Boy

We cannot believe another Summer is almost over and our 2014 camp season will soon be banked forever into a memory vault full of fond experiences (only 1 week left!). Roughly 3500 smiles have entered our buildings, run across our fields, hiked through our parks, traveled across the greater Peninsula and made new friends as well as rekindled old ones from summers past. We also provided a wealth of job experiences to over 70 staff, 34 Leaders in Training and 47 Junior Lifeguards, and that doesn’t even include the 40 contracted businesses that ran many of the specialty, enrichment and sports camps your kids enjoyed!

campersWe are so very grateful for your participation this summer! We have also TREMENDOUSLY appreciated the attention you have given to our weekly email surveys. Some of your comments resulted in some really helpful suggestions that our staff took immediate action on and made changes for the following sessions. FUN is our business and we take it seriously!

If you have not already done so this summer, please take a moment to fill out all of the applicable surveys for any camps your child has attended, listed below.

Our wish is that your child had an extraordinary and memorable summer camp experience! We hope that it will continue to manifest itself in your household or carpools in the form of stories, camp songs and wonderment about blue monkey sightings.


Until Next Summer…


Redwood City Parks, Recreation and Community Services


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