Meet Hector & Sandy from Camp KABOOM!


What is Camp Kaboom?

Have you ever searched tirelessly for a Summer Camp solution that would complete some sort of ideal parental wishlist you had for your child? No Camp is perfect, but Camp Kaboom is pretty darn close when it comes to meeting the needs of the child and YOU, the parent!

1. First of all, it runs from 8am-5pm.
This is not only great for working parents, but SAHMs or Dads can also consider this a week of Camp for themselves! We also have after-care from 5-6pm if you need a little more time.

2. Lunch is included!
I don’t think we need to spell this one out for you. See #1 – Parents, you get a break from packing lunch! Plus, we provide not one, but TWO healthy snacks!

3. We go to the Pool!
Swimming. A very important aspect of Summer. Also, it’s very tiring. 

4. Weekly Field Trips!
Did you think the pool was our only outing? We’ll take your child to fun attractions in the Bay Area that they  LOVE, so a) they can have fun, and b) you can avoid a full day at Great America (if that’s not your thing)! It’s also a great way to diversify the week.

5. Lastly, we supply never-ending arts, crafts, sports, movies, attentive and supportive staff, and FUN! 


Meet Our Fearless Leaders, Hector & Sandy! Q & A

Fearless Leader of Kaboom!
Fearless Leader, Hector!

Hector Carlos, Co-Director

  1. How long have you been working for the City of Redwood City?
    8 years, primarily in After School Programs.
  2. How many years have you worked at Camp Kaboom?
    It seems wrong to call it work when we get to play around all day, but this summer will be my 6th year at Camp Kaboom and my 5th year as one of the camp directors.
  3. Camp Nick Name
    3 of our campers decided one summer that Hector was too long, so they started calling me “Tor” instead and it stuck. Thanks Allison, Madeline, and Darien!
  4. What do you love best about working at Kaboom?
    Camp Kaboom NEVER GETS BORING. Every week brings forth activities inspired by a different theme, so every week is a different experience. It’s a welcomed challenge to get to plan activities that will be enjoyed by our broad age range of campers.
  5. Your favorite Camp Memory?
    We had this one camper who loved to read. She and her sister would come back every summer. If ever she had a minute of downtime, she would sit against a wall, pull out a monster of a book, and read.  I found out that we were both reading the ‘Inheritance’ series by Christopher Paolini (each book was 500+ pages) and we began talking about the books every summer. Then one summer, she said she had not read the third book – which had been released the previous fall. When I brought her my hardcover copy and said she could keep it, she almost tackled me with the hug she gave me and said “Thank you” about 50 times.  
  6. Favorite Camp Song
    “Bananas Unite” – the extended version
  7. Fun Fact
    It is another nickname story.  As a child, I fell asleep in church often, so much in fact, that people started calling me “Linus” after the character from the “Peanuts” comics who always carried his blanket around.
  8. College Degree or In School Right Now?
    I am currently attending Foothill College. My goal is to become a registered nurse, hopefully working in pediatrics.
  9. Extra Credit: Did you grow up in Redwood City?
    YES! I went to Hoover from preschool to 6th grade, Mckinley for 7th and 8th, and I graduated from Sequoia High School.
Sandy, Fearless Leader #2

Sandy Garza, Co-Director

  1. How long have you been working for the City of Redwood City?
    I have been working for the city for 13 years, primarily in After School Programs.
  2. How many years have you worked Camp Kaboom? 
    I’ve been with Camp Kaboom since it started 9 years ago, and have been a Director for 7!
  3. What do you love best about working at Kaboom?
    I love working at Camp Kaboom and seeing the campers come back year after year, as well as meeting new campers every summer.  What I love best, is when our past campers become LITs and we get to watch them go from camper, to role-model. I also LOVE when the kids and parents tell me how much they love the camp!
  4. Your favorite Camp Memory?
    My favorite camp memory is when we went to the Giants and Dodgers game 3 years ago.  We painted all of the children’s faces orange and black, made signs for the kids to hold, and chanted the whole game, then the Giants won!
  5. Favorite Camp Song
    “Pizza Man”
  6. Fun Fact
    I am obsessed with the game show channel, and have been, since I was 5!  All of the pictures of me when I was little that have the T.V. in the background have some sort of game show on it.   I would LOVE to be on Family Feud or The Price is Right someday.  
  7. College Degree or In School Right Now?
    Degree in Psychology & Sociology
  8. Extra Credit: Did you grow up in Redwood City?
    YES! I was born and raised in Redwood City and attended St. Pius and Sequoia High School.

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