Meet Edna English! Preschool Teacher, Camp Director and Obsessive Collector!

edna_miniEdna English” sounds like some sort of Superhero Teacher. If you knew Edna, you would agree that this name fits her perfectly!  We were so fortunate that Edna answered our cry when we set out to find a new preschool teacher for our Lil’ Learners Preschool Program. Since she began 3 ½ years ago, our preschool has evolved into a very successful morning & afternoon program. She has also introduced an afternoon Spanish Immersion Preschool program, then, last summer, she launched Camp High-5!

solar-kidsHigh -5 is a recreation/enrichment camp for kids between the ages of 5 1/2 – 7. She wanted to do something special for this age group. Her goals were simple: to give the “big kids” a designated space to have an enrichment camp infused with the recreation camp experience; for them to have a ton of FUN; and of course, an excuse for her to spend some quality time with some of her recent Lil’ Learners graduates whom she had been missing.

Edna is amazingly passionate about her job, her kids… and some of her personal interests ( to which I lovingly refer to, as her ‘geeking out’, in a good way). I had interviewed her this week and had her answer some basic personal questions. She answered them in a very matter-of-fact way, somehow thinking that she had to “tone it down” for professionalism’s sake. I told her that our audience would likely prefer her overflowing enthusiasm, as we sell ourselves as purveyors of experience and fun! You see, Edna LOVES her job. I mean…she REALLY LOVES her job. Hopefully this is apparent in her response.


How many years have you been teaching preschool?

You mean, how many years have I been doing exactly what I want to do and have had the best job on earth? 13.

What is the best part about teaching preschool?

The best part about teaching preschool is being around amazing kids. I love how preschoolers get excited when they try something for the first time. I love watching them build confidence as they master a new skill. I have the best conversations with preschoolers.  Also, this is my happy place. No matter what is going on in my life, I will ALWAYS come to work. This is where I feel normal, and honestly, how could you be anything but HAPPY in  this classroom!

Now onto camp. You decided to depart from Preschool Camp, What inspired you to create High-5?

012High-5 is way for older children to experience the preschool technique of “learning through play” & hands-on activities. Children don’t realize they are learning when they are having fun and creating awesome things. Also, I wanted to create an environment where we were really theme-rich and gave kids more time to explore a concept, expand their imaginations and finish a project. Sometimes in Recreation Camps things move quickly, so you don’t get a chance to really delve into a topic. We give them time to not only work on their creations, but expand on it as the days move forward.

It’s Clear you LOVE Camp, so what is your favorite camp memory?

One of my favorite camp memories is having a huge water fight with all the campers, staff and LITs where not ONE person was left dry.   

Camp Nick Name

Campers have been calling me “Turtle” for over 10 years… you’ll have to sign up for camp to find out why!

Favorite Camp Song

Yo’ mama don’t wear no socks.

Fun Fact About Edna

I collect Lego Mini-Figures*. When buying the series mini-figures, I can even feel through the packaging to find specific figures. 

*Important to note, Edna more than collects “Mini-Figs,” she is obsessed.  Words cannot describe…. but a picture on the other hand…

Find our more about Camp High-5 for 5½ – 7 year-olds here.

Meet Edna and the rest of our camp directors at our Camp Fair this Saturday from 1:00-4:00pm at Red Morton Community Center! Bring your questions and your KIDS! There will be fun, hands-on activities and our inflatable playland!

 Camp Fair

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