Get Moving! It’s National Walking Day!


We had 25 people – including some of our City Staff, members from our Senior Walking Club, Parents, Children, and one dog (Awww), show up to walk with us today to commemorate the American Heart Association‘s National Walking Day! This crew was lead by our fitness enthusiast Intern, Jennifer Schultz, on a stroll through our lovely Red Morton Park!  Thank you to those who came out to make their commitment to health with us on this somewhat brisk and foggy Bay Area morning!

You too can improve your health, wellness and reduce risk factors by walking just 30 minutes a day! Walking is probably the easiest physical activity to achieve, and can be a great way to socialize (face-to-face!). You don’t need expensive equipment, you don’t have to pay for a membership, and you can just step out the front door and get started! No excuses!

Our nation is becoming more sedentary by the minute. We are spending more time at work than ever before, as well as many of us are glued to our electronic devices (guilty!). The American Heart Association states that these increased levels of inactivity can double our risk of heart disease!

Here are some of the consequences per the American Heart Association[1]

  • More of us are overweight.
    Adult (and childhood) obesity/overweight level continues to increase: 65% of all Adults are obese or overweight.
  • It is more difficult today to create an active lifestyle.
    People are less active due to technology and better mass transportation; Sedentary jobs have increased 83% since 1950; Physically active jobs now make up only about 25% of our workforce. That is 50% less than 1950.
    Our average work week is longer. Americans work 47 hours a week – 164 more hours a year than 20 years ago.
  • Extra weight costs us physically and financially.
    Obesity costs American companies $225.8B per year in health-related productivity losses.
    The average healthcare cost exceeds $3,000 per person annually. An obese employee costs employer additional $460 to $2,500 in medical costs and sick days per year.

As you age, your body is slowly wearing down, and without physical activity, this process is accelerated. Did you know that for each hour you exercise, you can gain about 2 hours of additional life expectancy? [2] Sounds like a good deal to us! Also, exercise greatly improves your quality of life, positively effecting: circulation, weight, blood pressure, mental health, self-image, strength, bone loss, heart disease, you name it! The benefits are endless. Do you need more reasons? Click here.

Lastly, we have so many ways for you to get moving in Redwood City! We have Fitness Classes, a Drop-In Fitness Center, and Open Gym times to name a few. In addition, here is a list of parks with trails in our immediate area that will help you to ignite your walking addiction!

1. Stulsaft Park

2. Red Morton Park

3. Edgewood Park

4. Huddart Park

5. Wunderlich Park

6. Redwood Shores – part of the Sand Francisco Bay Trail

Did we not list your favorite place? Where do you like to walk? Let us know in the comments!

1. American Heart Association: The Price of Inactivity
2. American Heart Association: Physical Activity Improves Your Quality of Life

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