I’m Calling It! It’s Spring!



Spring may *officially* be only days away – March 20 to be exact – but since December of last year, we have had Spring & Summer on the brain. So I’m calling it! Spring is here! Countless emails, phone calls, meetings, etc. have been constant, as we have been coordinating the thousands of classes and camps that are coming your way. Then what? Then we take all of this data and enter it one-at-a-time into our registration system, create marketing pieces, update websites, bombard your Facebook and Twitter feeds and write blogs telling you that it’s HERE!

Here are some important things you should know:

  • Resident Online registration begins on Monday, March 18th at 11am. Non-Residents can register on April 1 (no joke!)
  • Our Full Interactive Spring Guide can be viewed here.
  • Need an online account? Get one here.
  • The Summer Camp Guide has been online since March 5th here. How did people know about it? It was on our website, we emailed it to our customers from our electronic mailing list (sign up here), and we posted it on Facebook & Twitter. We really wanted you to see it as soon as we had access to it. We know how important and stressful Summer Planning can be!
  • Both the Spring and Summer Guides have hit the Post Office today! It is now in their hands. Some of you may get lucky and receive your guides today, but our bets are on tomorrow.

What’s New?

  • We have quite a few new programs – too many to actually list.
  • We have added an After Care Pilot program this Summer to hopefully help parents have more flexibility in their planning. We recognized that many kids wanted to take Science Camp, but couldn’t be picked up at 3pm. Now parents will have more options!

Have Suggestions? We are all ears!

Email us at recreation@redwoodcity.org and tell us!





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