A Redwood City Love Story

Arista and Jeremy

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named, Arista Frick.  Arista was a bubbly little girl who loved gymnastics and set off on a journey to make it her life. From age four she began flipping and tumbling, and by age six, became a full-fledged competitor. Gymnastics WAS the love of her life until an evil knee injury came along and retired the bouncy damsel from her sport.

She persevered, and Arista continued to dance and cheer throughout high school, all the while realizing that this is what made her the happiest. She knew early-on, that a life without movement and fitness, was no life at all. She decided to start her own gymnastics business (Arista’s Jump Start Gymnastics) where she could share this passion with young children and their parents. Arista came to Redwood City Parks & Recreation 10 years ago with her pitch to start this wonderful program. We emphatically accepted, which brings us to this current day.

Over the past decade, Arista has touched the lives of THOUSANDS of local children. She has helped them to embark on their own journeys of movement, fitness, and personal success. But now that she was all grown-up, it was time to focus on something else…finding a Prince (bear with me, it’s Valentine’s Day!)

Here’s the BEST part…

One lovely evening, on the beautiful Courthouse Square, in perfectly temperate Redwood City, our lovely Arista sat enjoying the Michael Jackson tribute band, Foreverland. The band name could not have rung truer for Arista, because moments after the show started, she spotted HIM. There he sat with some of his family members, a young man, destined to meet our story’s star. Their eyes locked and the courtship began.

Fast forward to May of 2011… The Prince, who we will now refer to as “Jeremy,” planned to marry the lovely Arista. How would he propose, you ask? Well, in the exact same place the magic began…on Courthouse Square on a Friday Night (see pic above).  And the rest is history!

And the moral of our story is…

Courthouse Square is truly the heart of our City…and you can find love, right here, in your own backyard.


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