Top 5 Reasons Redwood City LOVES Andy Z!

How AWESOME is Andy Z &  The Andyland Band’s, Pumpkin Patch video? Show it to your kids and get them revved up for Saturday’s Concert (see below).

If you are saying to yourself…”WHO IS ANDY Z?” our guess is that you do not have a young child.  That aside, Andreas Zamenes, aka Andy Z, has been entertaining children up and down the Peninsula, around the Bay Area, at Birthday Parties galore and more recently over the airwaves of internet radio, Pandora!  Whether he’s gracing us with his repertoire of “Kindie” Rock, with hilarious original songs influenced by the likes of Smashmouth and Bob Marley or leading a group of exuberant little fans around our Courthouse Square akin to a modern day Pied Piper, Andy Z is sure to not only entertain your family, but bring out your inner-child.

Why do WE love Andy Z so much?

  1. He takes our children away from our their iPads and Televisions and into the imaginary world of Andyland.
  2. He gives us songs that can bridge the gap between classic childrens music and something we actually might CHOOSE to listen to!
  3. Getting into an Andy Z show is much easier than landing tickets to American Idol…oh and did I mention…usually FREE!
  4. Andy z and The Andyland Band don’t just sing songs, but put on a REAL INTERACTIVE SHOW, complete with kids in costume and dare I say Mob Dances? Well maybe that is a little extreme, but his Rendition of Sticky Sticky Bubble Gum sure gets those kids up and moving!
  5. And lastly…HE’S FROM REDWOOD CITY!

Not to worry! The word on the street is that he is expanding his reach to “Tweeners” (kids ages 8-12) with his newest Halloween Adventure themed album, due out on October 1, 2011. You can look forward to many many more years with Andy Z!

See Andy Z and the Andyland Band this Saturday, May 7,  from 11am-1pm on Courthouse Square in Redwood City! Families will enjoy a fun kid’s concert, an inflatable playland, and can also create a Mother’s Day Gift in the craft area. Bring sunglasses for you and the kids, it is sure to be a bright and beautiful day on the Square!

This concert is sponsored by the Redwood City Mother’s Club, the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department, and the Redwood City Redevelopment Agency.