Moms Bringing the Heat to Red Morton Park!

Redwood City Baby Boot Campers
Mother Love Fitness Challengers flexing their hard work!

So… you had a baby. You long for the days of your high school figure – which you may not have even liked back then, but now wish you had it back!  This new little person in your life has trumped EVERYTHING, including your will and energy to get out and get your body back. You dread the idea of stepping foot into a gym and feeling like you wish you had a shirt that read, “I JUST HAD A BABY, OKAY!”

WHAT IF, there were a group of women just like you? WHAT IF, you could workout WITH your baby, and not stress about your baby in gym childcare during your entire workout. We know many gyms have great child care, but as a new Mom, it is stressful to leave your baby for the first time. Mommies, there is a solution. There are a variety of Stroller-based fitness programs to help jump-start your fitness regimen. Not only will they help you to achieve your fitness goals, but you will be surrounded with the support of other women who are sharing your same experiences.

Christy Doyle of Baby Boot Camp
Christy "Big Guns" Doyle

Christy Doyle, our resident BABY BOOT CAMP Trainer and Mommy Warrior, has been running this popular parent/child, strength training program in our own, Red Morton Park for several years. She recently recruited her own class participants to compete in a National Baby Boot Camp Competition entitled, MOTHER LOVE FITNESS CHALLENGE. Wait… didn’t these Moms have babies recently? YES THEY DID!

Mommies across the nation committed to 3 months of regular exercise, to then compete to become the nations “Fittest Mom” and win monthly prizes for their efforts. The outcome? Our own Kaycie Wall did 1,800 non-stop jump squats at Red Morton to take the National top spot! The Redwood City crew actually took the whole category with two other Redwood City Moms doing 1,758 and 1,600 non-stop jump squats!   We also had one Mommy win “Most-Improved” in the push-up category.  Day one, she struggled to do one push-up.  Thirty days later, she did 10 of them!  Red Morton Park has proven to be a fantastic park to work up a sweat! Congrats to our AWESOME MOMS! Come join us, your first class is FREE!

How can I participate?

Baby Boot Camp meets on Tuesdays & Thursdays in Red Morton Park (adding a Friday class at the end of the month!) and at Clifford Elementary School on Saturdays. All classes are at 9:30am. Click here for complete registration information.

What do I need to get started?

YOU NEED: Water bottle, mat or towel
WHAT YOUR CHILD NEEDS: Stroller, snacks, toys, sun block, diapers, hat, blanket

For More Information:

Contact Christy Doyle at 650.823.0119 or email:

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