Sandpiper Kids Bake for a Cause

collage of kids and bake sale

Last year, the children of the Sandpiper Youth Club Program in Redwood Shores, wanted to do something for the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. They of course did what they knew best…have a bake sale! A goal of $1000 was set, and in less than 3 hours, they accomplished it! The recent devastation in Japan prompted our program’s fearless leader, Telisha “I came to teach you” Brent to embark on a repeat performance.  Armed with homemade flyers and enthusiasm, the staff and children promoted their sale for Tsunami/Earthquake Relief on the Monday prior to Friday’s sale. They informed the community and the school, and asked for donations of baked goods or cash to support their endeavor. Our staff also agreed to bake cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc. in the name of charity, on their own time.

cupcakes!Over 25 parents brought baked goods from home and Telisha “I reach out to my friends” Brent tapped into her  network and was able to secure 100 more cupcakes from a friend of hers who was interning at a bakery! They had over 500 cupcakes alone!  Our kids were somewhat saddened on the day of the main event, when the weather became extremely uncooperative which unfortunately added some poetic justice to the cause. Gale force winds, sheets of rain and even a TORNADO WARNING (what???) stood in the way of their hopes, but did not discourage their efforts in the least. The Bake Sale had less exposure to passers-by, as it had to be relocated indoors.  Surprisingly, the act of charity prevailed and approximately 300 people purchased or just made a donation to the cause.

yummy cupcake!This time, the children had set a goal of $1500 and were recognizably excited about donating, and at times, buying a couple of items and paying with a $20 and donating the change. The outcome? They raised a whopping $1042 for Japan Relief Efforts.

Besides raising money to help those in need, Telisha  feels strongly, that “events like these are important to involve children in to teach them a sense of compassion. The children were willing and eager to help, and to be honest…that was just as important as the money they raised.”  They had a sense of pride and a strong feeling that they too have made a difference.