Meet Jennifer Williams, our Upcycling Goddess!

Featured in the January 5th edition of the Palo Alto Daily News.

When Jennifer Williams Came to us, her energy and passion for…yes, you guessed it…TRASH…was infectious! As a City trying to find ways to be responsible and get our GREEN on, we were elated to have found such an exuberant personality as Jennifer’s. A corporate trainer by day, Jennifer has found a way to mesh her passions for inspiring others with her talents of crafting and motivating people to do so! Here is a little more about how her side biz, Moonlit Circus, came to be!

Q: Jennifer, How did this all start?

A: Carnivals, festivals, Halloween…  These were my favorite things as a child.  The county fair took place every year during my birthday, and I thought it was my personal celebration! As an adult, my creative, whimsical right brain was atrophying from underuse.  How to add that childhood magic back into my life while still remaining gainfully employed?  And sprinkle a little fairy dust on others along the way?

I decided to create a craft business, but had concerns about the overseas resourcing of materials.  Influenced by the DIY, Steampunk, and sustainable living movements, I found my Idea. Upcycling thrift-store sweaters into F*ittens (fingerless mittens) and embellishing them with vintage buttons, beads, and felted scraps was on brand, and Moonlit Circus was born.

Q: Your stuff is so cute & innovative! Where can we get more? How do we learn how to do this?

A: Today I have a booth at art fairs, as well as teaching crafts to others through parks & recreation and private venues.

This session, Jennifer is currently offering:

  1. Let’s Make Wristlets in Half Double Crochet (sign-up) This class happens this Saturday, 1/22 @ 10am, deadline to sign up is Friday (tomorrow) by 11am!
  2. Make a Rug From Upcycled T-Shirts (sign-up)
  3. Transform Bottle Caps Into Jewelry & More! (sign-up)

Check for NEW classes every season from Jennifer Williams & Moonlit Circus!