A Camp A Day – Day 11: Math is Everywhere!



It’s Day Eleven of our Camp-A-Day Series. We have TWO camps that incorporate math concepts, but they are very different. Why? Because, Math is EVERYWHERE! Now many of our camps naturally have math concepts, like our science and engineering camps, but today we’ll highlight the ones that state it in the title. It’s Saturday, so we’ll stick with the obvious.

First, our very popular instructor extraordinaire, Dr. Peter Kohler, will be running a unique camp entitled, Nature’s Art & MathPeter has been teaching art for many years and has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. He teaches Math enrichment at The Nueva School where he has encouraged student’s creativity for more than 20 years. He’ll explain that Fibonacci Numbers in Nature is some of the most visually magical math you can discover. Kids will explore flowers, pine cones, sand dollars, the nautilus and other shells, and galaxies for their fascinating math. With a great variety of math and art materials: oil pastels, paints, clay, paper folding, colored tiles and cubes, to build and be creative in math. Be inventive with 2-D and 3-D visual patterns, blending Numbers and Shapes. Peter has inspired and brought out a love for math and art in many children by sharing its beauty, its magic and mystery.

math love

Math-Mania is another new camp that is taught by After-School Enrichment Instructor and Math Enthusiast, Holly Lindquist! Holly loves math and so do her kids! This inspired her to bring their love of math to YOUR KIDS! Holly will expose children to some very cool areas of math that may not have been covered in their classrooms. They’ll learn about Fibonacci numbers, Pascal’s triangle, fractals, secret codes, and much more! She’ll also explore fun activities and craft projects to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts. You can visit Holly’s website for more info and math activities you can try at home!


Nature’s Art & Math
Age 5-10
with Dr. Peter Kohler
August 4 – August 8
Monday – Friday
Location: Red Morton Community Center

Age 9-11
with Holly Lindquist
July 21 – July 25 @ Red Morton Center
August 18 – August 22 @ Sandpiper Community Center
Monday – Friday

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A Camp A Day – Day 10: Futsal!

a camp a daylarge

It’s Day Ten of our Camp-A-Day Series, yes, ten. Did you notice that we skipped a day? Our activity guides hit the post office yesterday so we thought we would let you peruse the catalog and chose your own favorite!

Today, we bring you Futsal! Follow in the footsteps of Pele, Messi and Ronaldo! All of these players credit their superior soccer skills to Futsal! Futsal was developed in Brazil and Uruguay in the 1930s and 1940s, and has provided many soccer players an additional outlet to refine their skills year-round because it is played primarily indoors. Whether your child plays soccer, or has never touched the ball, this camp will be a fun introduction for players of all levels!

Campers will be grouped according to their age and ability. Half of the day will be devoted to working on basic ball skills, individual skills, and Futsal concepts, and the other half will focus on teamwork and game situations- culminating in a full size game. Game situations are created that will improve skills, confidence and encourage teamwork all while having a ton of fun! Soccer & Smiles coaches are well trained, licensed and will provide a camp that is fun and challenging at every level of play. Not only that, the coach to player ratio is 1: 10 or less. Here are the details…

Age 7-14
with Soccer &  Smiles
Location: RMCC GYM
June 16 –  June 20
July 28 – August 1
Half Day – 9am-12pm $171/ $151 Resident Discount
Full Day 9am-3pm $219/ $199 Resident Discount

A Camp A Day – Day 9: Cricket!

a camp a day


It’s Day Nine of our Camp-A-Day Series, and this year, we are introducing kids to Cricket! What is Cricket? It’s ball-and-bat game played chiefly in Great Britain and the Commonwealth countries that is growing in popularity here in the United States. This ball and bat game is played between two teams of 11 players each on a field. At the center is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch” (the central strip of field between the wickets). Each team takes its turn to bat in an attempt to score runs, similarly to baseball, while the other team fields. And just like baseball, the game is played with innings.

cricketThe camp is run by the National Academy of Athletics – who are also offering a wide variety of camps with us this year: Multi-sport, Basketball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Speed and Vertical Power and Volleyball! In their innovative take on Cricket, kids will learn all facets of the game, and they’ll receive batting coaching, bowling coaching and fielding sessions. The camp is designed to introduce and/or improve cricket skills and of course, have a lot fun learning this exciting sport!



with National Academy of Athletics

June 30-July 3 (no 7/4) on Sandpiper Field
July 14-18 on McGarvey Field  (this session qualifies for 12-1pm bridge care!)
July 28- August 1 at Sandpiper Field
Fee: $179 / $159 Resident Discount (week of 7/4 $152/$132 Resident)

Check out this camp and a TON more in our Summer 2014 Activity Guide!

A Camp A Day – Day 8: Opera Camp and Online Guide!


It’s Day Eight of our Camp-A-Day Series, and here is a brand new camp that we are REALLY excited about! This Summer, we have partnered with West Bay Opera to offer a 2 week opera program for 9-14 year olds! This is a pretty comprehensive description, so I will let it speak for itself! Important to note: You must contact the Director to set up a meeting and audition. See below!

Summer Opera Youth Program
2 Weeks
Ages 9-14
with Michael Taylor. Michael has been directing, producing and performing in West Bay Opera’s Opera in the Schools (OITS) Program for the past 16 years. An accomplished singer, he has also directed and conducted over fifty productions of operas and musicals. His composition credits include an opera, several musicals and many other vocal and choral works. He holds a Master’s Degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and was also a cast member of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera. He is an active voice teacher.

This is an intensive, two-week course. Students will design, produce and perform a musical work in English. They will collaborate with a professional stage director, music director, choreographer, technical designer and fellow students to learn new skills, create and perform an operatic work for friends and family on the final evening of the program. In addition performing, participants will work with instructors in a series of workshops to improve their performing arts skills in areas including: Acting and Improvisation, Music and Voice, Dance and Movement, Set & Media design.


This is an intensive and highly rewarding program, but it may not be for everyone. Director Michael Taylor will meet with prospective enrollees and their families to answer questions, assess students’ skill level and determine if this is the right fit prior to registration. Please contact SYP@wbopera.org to schedule a meeting.

Summer Youth Opera Program
July 28 – August 8, 2014
Fee for 2 weeks: $566 / $546 Resident Discount
Performance Date & Time: Friday August 8 at 7:30pm at the VMSC “Little Theater”

And Lastly – as promised…

Here is the link to our Summer 2014 Activity Guide


A Camp A Day – Day 7: Camp Flexibility for Ages 4-6!


hi51It’s Day Seven of our Camp-A-Day Series, and this is one I think you will be EXTREMELY excited about if you have kids in the 4-6 year range! It’s Camp High-5, and there are oodles of options!

What is High – 5?
High 5 Camp offers a traditional Summer Camp with a twist! Designed by our Preschool Director, Edna English, High-5 Camp will provide an enriching theme each week to activate your child’s imagination and engage them in summer-long learning in a fun and playful way! Topics include: the Universe, Engineering/Building Concepts, Castles and Dragons, Theater, Science, the Animal Kingdom, cooking and of course, DINOSAURS! We’ll provide snack each day, ample supplies, and don’t worry, each theme will have different activities each week in the AM and PM modules. Yes, I said it… “PM!”

NEW THIS SUMMER! Camp High-5 in the Afternoon, PLUS Bridge Care!
Camp High-5 will now be running a morning option, an afternoon option and an ALL DAY option! What does this mean? It means FLEXIBILITY for an age group that usually has few choices! By adding “Bridge Care” as mentioned in one of our previous posts, we are allowing young campers to stay a full day! Let us give you some ideas. (Please note, “Bridge Care” is globally available for ages 4-14)

Options galore for Ages 4-6…

  • Select Camp High 5 all day from 9am to 4pm
  • Take High 5 in the morning (9am-12pm), sign up for “Bridge Care” from 12-1pm, and then experience a completely different camp from 1-4pm that our staff will walk your child to.
  • Take an enrichment or sports camp in the morning from 9am-12pm and then have our Bridge Care staff pick up your child for a supervised lunch and an afternoon of Camp High-5 until 4pm.
  • Take an enrichment or sports camp in the morning, sign up for Bridge Care, and then take another specialty camp in the afternoon!
  • It’s important to note that only camps marked with a “Bridge” will qualify for Bridge Care. BRIDGE CARE


High -5 Camp
Ages 4-6
with Recreation Staff
Weekly from 6/23-8/15
9am-12pm, 1-4pm or 9am – 4pm
Half Day: $168/$148 Resident Discount
Full Day: $335/ $315 Resident Discount
Bridge Care 12-1pm: $48 / $40 Resident Discount 
or $10 lunchtime drop-in in a pinch!


Our activity guide will be posted online, TOMORROW!! See you  then!


A Camp A Day – Day 6: Putting out Fires…



It’s Day Six of our Camp-A-Day Series, let’s talk about the Junior Fire Academy!

This is one of those camps that I WISH I could have attended as a child! This is a great opportunity to engage your 11-15 year old boy or girl, for a week with a program designed and run by our very own Redwood City Fire Department Staff!

Description below…

Ever dream of being firefighter? Well stop dreaming and start doing at the Junior Fire Academy! Participants develop life long skills not only learning about emergency preparedness, but also how to work together to accomplish tasks. Taught by professional firefighters, participants learn skills including: First Aid, CPR, exit drills, fire extinguisher use, disaster preparedness, and home safety. In addition to the practical skills they can use everyday, participants learn what its like to be a firefighter by extinguishing fire with fire hoses, proper lifting techniques for moving ladders and hose, hose management, and they even get to climb the 100 foot tall ladder! All activities are optional, but positive, encouraging attitudes are not. This is a great opportunity to explore a day in the life of a firefighter!

Bring a bag lunch Monday-Thursday. On Friday at noon, family and friends are encouraged to attend the potluck lunch just before the Skills Presentation and Graduation Ceremony.

New Campers and Returning Campers Welcome!

July 28 though July 31
M-Th 10am-4p
F 10am-2pm
Location: Monday – Tuesday: PAL Building 3399 Bay Road, Redwood City
Wednesday – Friday: Fire Station 9, 755 Marshall St., Redwood City (long pants and closed toed shoes required)
$226 / $206 Resident Discount

A Camp A Day – Day 5: It’s Sew Fun!

camp header

sewingIt’s Day Five of our Camp-A-Day Series, and we think this one is sew fun.

We are excited this year to be partnering with Ralph’s Vacuum & Sewing Center in our own Downtown Redwood City! Kids will learn how to sew on REAL machines and they’ll complete plenty of cool projects. Topics include: sewing machine basics, tools and terminology, stitches (topstitch, edge stitch and basting), appliqué and adorning techniques). Besides  learning basic sewing skills, they’ll make fun, cute projects each week, like a drawstring bag, a pillow case with French seams, an appliqued pillow, a stuffed animal and a stylish zipper clutch! Plus, there are sew many weeks to choose from! SEW FUN!!!

Here are the details!

Age 8-16
with Teresa Garcia, of Ralph’s Vacuum & Sewing Center
Monday – Friday
Location: Ralph’s Vacuum & Sewing Center, 837 Main St. RWC
Fee: $249
6/30-7/3 no 7/4
8/25-8/29 $249


A Camp A Day – Day Four: Join the Circus!



It’s Day Four of our Camp-A-Day Series, and today we want you to join the circus!

Seriously. Can you think of anything more fun for kids (and maybe for some of us adults), than CIRCUS CAMP? I watched last year as kids had a blast learning some serious tricks of the trade that included: acrobatics, clown antics, stilts, silks, unicycle, rolla bolla, and EVEN the flying trapeze! Kids will get a chance to perform for friends and family at the end of the week!

888 Monkeys offers this thoughtful, fun, energetic, challenging and showstopping Circus Camp in Redwood City, only one week over the Summer! Also, did you know that a couple of the teachers even performed in the Zoppe Italian Family Circus that has toured through Redwood City over the past several years? Here is the camp information below…

Age 5-8, Half Day and Age 8-14, Full Day
with 888 Monkeys
June 23-27, 2014
Half Day: 9:00am-12:00pm, $189/$169 Resident Discount
Full Day: 9:00am-3:00pm, $309/$289 Resident Discount
at Red Morton Community Center

Click image to see Silk in Action!

A Camp A Day – Day Three: Kids Camp Preview Nights!


It’s Day Three of our Camp-A-Day Series and today we want to highlight our three “Kids Night Out” events in May!

Parents! Take a break on a Friday evening while your kids experience a preview of some of our long-standing and well-loved summer recreation camps! It’s a great way to for your child to “test-drive” our programs before summer (and plus, you get a few hours to yourself for whatever you need to do!) It’s a Win-Win!

Ages 5-12
Friday, May 2, 2014
At Stulsaft Park (drop off and pick up is on Recreation Way)
$20- Click to Register
This is a one night opportunity for kids to participate in a sneak peek of our summer Day Camps we offer at Stulsaft Park. We will have a campfire and roast s’mores, sing some of our favorite camp songs, go on a nature hike and make a cool camp craft.

Ages 4-6
Friday, May 16, 2014
at Red Morton Community Center
$20- Click to Register
This is a one night opportunity for kids to participate in a sneak peek of our High-Five Camp we offer during the summer. This night the kids will participate in silly science fun. Pizza and drinks will be provided. Parents go out for a night while we have a BLAST entertaining your young scientists!

K-5th Grade
Friday, May 30, 2014
At Sandpiper Community Center
$20- Click to Register
Summer is almost here, so let’s start the fun early with a sneak peek of what we have in store for you at Camp Whatchamacallit! Join us for an evening of all things camp! We’ll compete in fun challenges, create awesome crafts, get our glow sticks out for some outdoor fun, and end the night with some scrumptious s’mores! Dinner and drinks included.

The best part is, you can register for these right now!

See you tomorrow!

A Camp A Day – Day Two: The Camp Calendar


It’s Day Two of our Camp-A-Day Series, and we have a great sneak peek for you!

As promised, here is our Camp Calendar. It’s a snap-shot of what’s listed in our Activity Guide’s Summer Camp Section! Click the image below to view it full size! Please keep in mind that we do our best to list all of our programs, but not every single camp is itemized individually and sometimes the age ranges in the left hand column represent a combination of all of the camps listed in that row. 

We know many of you are already starting to plan your summer, hopefully this helps! See you tomorrow!

camp calendar redwood city
Click the image to enlarge