Home For The Summer! With RWC Teens

Hey, Teens!

Well, this summer sure looks different. We wanted to make sure we had you covered- even at home! We heard your feedback, so we’ve created something especially for you. Plus, it’s Parks and Recreation Month, so you get to enjoy it for ALL of July!

Starting Monday, July 6, Anthony Calvo, our Teen Coordinator, will be sharing videos with you to help you learn some new skills, stay connected with us, and take great care of yourself.  Videos will post on our Redwood City Teens Instagram Account (@RWCTEENS) and YouTube channel every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the entire month of July!

Check out our schedule below!

Monday- Cooking 

Learn simple 5 step recipes, tune-in, each has a special twist!

Week 1 – 7/6  Make Your Own Uncrustable

Week 2- 7/13 Pizza Bagel

Week 3- 7/20 Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Week 4- 7/27 Rice Krispy Bars

Wednesday- Life Skills

You need to know how to do these things. Your parents will thank you. 

Week 1- 7/8 Laundry (postponed)

Week 2- 7/15 Let’s do the dishes!

Week 3- 7/22 Money Management

Week 4- 7/29 Build a Resume

Friday- Workouts  

Get healthy and improve your fitness with 5 exercises per challenge! Exercises will be shown three ways- classic style, modified, and seated, so EVERY body can participate.

Week 1- 7/10  50 rep challenge

Week 2- 7/17  55 rep challenge

Week 3- 7/24  60 rep challenge

Week 4- 7/31  65 rep challenge

Okay! Make sure to follow us on Instagram or YouTube! See you, Monday!


Mad Hatter – Make it & Share it! Foil Hearts


This craft will end up displayed somewhere around your home for passersby to enjoy! See below for more info!



  • Aluminum Foil
  • Permanent Markers (sharpies, or any kind of permanent marker)
  • String or ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Tape



Cut a heart out of foil. Make it the size of a piece of binder paper.



Use permanent markers to color your heart.



Hang your foil heart. You can hang your heart outside on a tree, on your mailbox, or place in a window of your home. Please place your heart so walkers can see and feel the love!

On Saturday, April 25th we encourage you take a family walk in your neighborhood. See if you find any hearts on your walk around your block. You can be festive and wear your Mad Hatter hats. Please practice social distancing at all times and abide by County Health Orders.

Most of all, have fun and be safe! We can’t wait to see your hats & hearts! Sharing is caring! #RWCMadHatter

Mad Hatter Spring Hat Craft

Here are a couple of Spring Hat ideas made with common household items. Have fun creating your wearable art! Make sure to show us your finished products by having your parents tag us on social media! #RWCMadHatter


Materials Needed for Spring Crown

  • Aluminum Foil
  • Tape
  • Flowers or leaves
  • String or ribbon (enough to fit around your head plus more for decoration)

Step 1:


Roll out a piece of aluminum foil approximately 18 inches long. Fold the foil into a 1-inch band.

Step 2:

Wrap ribbon around the foil. Leave some long ribbon strips hanging at the end.

Step 3:


Push flower stem horizontally under the ribbon.

Feel inspired to add more decorations to your new spring crown!

Materials Needed for Spring Hat


  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Paper Plate

Step 1:


Cut a circle in the middle of the paper plate.

Step 2:

Lay three pieces of construction paper across each other and cut.

Step 3:

Staple the construction paper on the ends. Staple the two pieces together to make one long piece.

Step 4:

Staple the construction paper a few times to the paper plate.

Add whatever else you’d like to the hat.

Enjoy your Mad Hatter Hats! We hope to see you wearing them on your Saturday walk!

Mad Hatter Virtual Wonderland

Hear ye, Hear ye, families! We are so sad that we are unable to host our Mad Hatter Spring Party on April 25, so we are bringing our wonderland to the world wide web!

Your family is cordially invited to create your very own Wonderland celebrations at your home and at your leisure! Below are a few fun activities you can easily do with your family with limited supplies!

Here is a recommended schedule for you to play along!

  • Wednesday, 4/22 Make it! Craft- Spring Hats
  • Thursday 4/23 Move it! Mad Hatter Fitness Card Game
  • Friday 4/24 Make It! Foil Hearts – Create & Display
  • Saturday 4/25 Find It! Family Hats & Foil Hearts Walk

We will start posting project tutorials and game instructions tomorrow!

The event will close with a walk on Saturday, April 25 at any time of the day, where we encourage you to take a family walk in your neighborhood. See if you find any hearts on your walk around your block. Be festive and wear your Mad Hatter hats!

Please practice physical and social distancing at all times and abide by all current San Mateo County Health Department orders.

Be sure to share your photos with us on our social media channels!

Tag us at #RWCMadHatter